Girls Robin Dress Fancy Dress Costume – Inspired by Batman movie
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Girls Robin Dress Fancy Dress Costume Girls Robin Dress Fancy Dress Costume

Your little girl has always made a great sidekick from the very beginning. For instance, she may have been barely bigger than the family’s cooler at a soccer game but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to carry it to the field all on her own. She had to stop and readjust every two steps but that doesn’t mean she gave up! She’s bigger now but her sidekick spirit has only grown with her! 

There are a surprising number of reasons a parent might need a sidekick. Assistance is an art. For instance, when you’re headed home for the holidays and your sister keeps texting you about the events of the day, it’s great to have a sidekick that can reliably relay your messages back to her. Or when you’re simply trying to put the house together after a busy few weeks, she’s there to play music, help with this and that, and generally keep the mood light. In short, she’s got your back! 

It’s about time the Robin got recognized for the important part he plays in bringing down bad guys in Gotham City. You know better than anyone else, life wouldn’t go nearly as smoothly if it weren’t for your sidekick. She’ll be inspired to keep up her helpful ways in this cheerful Robin costume. The dress has a red shiny top with a sparkly “R” on the chest and an attached yellow cape with a hood. The pleated green skirt is accented with a yellow belt. The ensemble is topped off with a sparkly eye mask and a pair of fingerless gloves. This adorable costume does your trustworthy side kick justice! 

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