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Some people think that love is a nice feeling that comes at once and it’s offered from one person to another.

However others believe that love is just finding a suitable person to adore.

Image by Bianca Mentil from Pixabay

There are others who think that love is an art and science which can be felt only when some mental and psychological abilities are provided and also people should have time to practise and learn this art.

However, this matter is totally the opposite as love doesn’t need any effort to be found, but it will come by itself.

my 2 pieces of advice for you are:

Image by Pana Kutlumpasis from Pixabay

1- Accept your partner for who they are.
2- Express your love naturally.

love is a beautiful feeling, so don’t lose it for useless calculations, our lives have no sense without love.

express your love for valentines day

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