70's Disco Diva Sexy Dress
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Sexy Disco Diva Dress Fancy Dress Costume Sexy Disco Diva Dress Fancy Dress Costume
Sexy Disco Diva Dress Fancy Dress Costume

Sexy Disco Diva Dress Fancy Dress Costume

Gotta Get Down You all ready to boogie?! We are! We’re ready for some funkadelic moves. The hustle. The bump. The bus stop. We wanna bust a move and get jiggy with it! The music is up and we’re ready to get our groove on! … Alright, we’re not going to lie. We have no idea what we just said. What? We’re trying here! We got invited to a 70s  disco party and we’re so excited! We want to make a good impression on all those cool cats. Except, we know like nothing about the 70s. Nada. Bupkis. We hoped that dropping some super 70s slang would help us get in the mood a bit, but it’s a little harder than that. We’re not sure what it all means and we have no idea what is proper disco etiquette. As for the dance, we’re not exactly sure what to expect. We do know there’s gonna be some pretty sick dance moves. And although we might not know much about the 70s? We’re pretty confident we’ll have outfits that are “mondo cool.” Fun Details For instance, we’re pretty sure we’d be like the coolest cats at the disco if we showed up in this Disco Diva Sexy Dress. This knit dress is 100 percent polyester and covered with a groovy black and white swirl print. It’s a simple pull-over minidress, with a classic v-neckline and long flared sleeves perfect for boogying the night away. It also comes with a matching four-foot scarf to tie around head, wrist, neck or anywhere else you may be so inclined.  Off the Hook Threads You know, you’re probably right. Who cares if we know the right lingo? We’ll look amazing and that’s what counts! Now, start up that disco ball and drop those funky fresh sounds! Let’s hit the dance floor!  

  • 100% polyester interlock knit fabric in black & white swirl print covered w/ iridescent silver sequins
  • Pullover V-neck minidress has long, flared sleeves
  • Sexy Disco Diva Dress
  • 6” x 48” scarf can be tied as desired in hair or around neck

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