Energizer Bunny Mascot Kids Costume
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Energizer Bunny Mascot Costume for Kids Energizer Bunny Mascot Costume for Kids
Energizer Bunny Mascot Costume for Kids

Energizer Bunny Mascot Costume for Kids

A Bunny that Won’t Quit Does your kid just keep going and going and going and… well, you get the point. If your youngster can’t stand sitting down and always wants to be on the move then we have the perfect costume for him the Halloween. Check out this hilarious Energizer Bunny Mascot Costume for kids! It will be the perfect thing for your hyperactive kiddo to wear when he goes all around the neighborhood gathering sweet treats. He’ll feel like his batteries just won’t quit as he happily hops from house to house this Halloween. This costume is officially licensed so you won’t have to worry about your kiddo being confused for a random Easter Bunny fanatic or for poor little Ralphie in the movie A Christmas Story. No, with this amazing costume there will be plenty of included accessories that will tell everyone exactly who your child is—the one and only, Energizer Bunny! Design & Details The pink furry jumpsuit has a back zipper and is designed with elastic at the wrist cuffs. There is also an image of the actual Energizer Bunny printed on the lower belly. The attached fully enclosed feet have foam soles and are designed to look like a pair of blue flip-flops. The hood fastens under the chin with Velcro and the attached ears have wire in the edges to hold their shape. The soft sculpted drum has ribbon trim and a neckband. There is also a set of drumsticks with stuffed knobs at the ends included. And lastly, add the black plastic sunglasses! Gotta Love Batteries Make sure your youngster’s Halloween keeps going and going this year when you suit them up in this Energizer Bunny Mascot Costume. Even if your little one isn’t the biggest fan of bunnies (for some odd reason), we’re sure they will be more than happy to represent batteries! After all, nowadays who doesn’t love batteries?

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